Living with code addiction

18. January 2010 14:36

My name is Johan. I'm a code addict. *cheering crowds*

Have you ever been tossing and turning in bed for hours, brooding over some problem you really want to solve? Have you at last, at 3 a.m., gone up, started the computer, solved the darn thing and then gone back to bed and slept so good you never thought you could?
Welcome to the club. You're not alone.

So, now when that's out, I can assure you I have no ambition whatsoever to "recover" from this addiction. On the contrary I intend to enjoy it while I still have it. Can't imagine the day I realize there isn't another problem I want to wrap my brain around, or there is no snippet of code I want to try. Until then, I'm hooked.

I'm primarily into producing code (of course?), but going through someone else's code can also be quite satisfying. If it solves some interesting problem, that is.
For me there are two ways consuming code can make you feel good. The first one is when you see something that you would have solved in a much better way. Then you can pat yourself on the sholder and put on that smug face of yours.
The other way is when you actually learn something new, a new solution to an old problem, or some code that for some reason is simply brilliant. That's when your synapses really start sizzling...

About the code production part, it has to be quality code to be really satisfying. That run-of-the-mill code you pour out most of the time doesn't really ring the bell, does it. It's those times when you sqeeze out that golden code that counts. Clear, concise and just excellent. Unfortunately that extatic feeling doesn't stay for very long. Then you're back in the search for the next code-high.

My intention with this blog is not to teach the golden path to code perfection. Mainly because I'm not there myself. I'll let you know when I am.
It's more likely to be useful tips in various development areas, comments on annoyances, whatever is on my mind and so on. Since english is not my native language, you are not likely to find any free courses in english grammar on these pages. Hopefully I will at least make myself understood.

Welcome aboard.

About the addict

Johan Seppäläinen lives in Uppsala, Sweden. He spends most of his days working as a systems architect/developer, specialized in solutions built on Microsoft platforms.
Occasionally there is time for some recreational coding, when he pursues optimal solutions and code zen, mainly in C#. When he is not writing in this blog, that is.